Life Interrupted

Wow, can't believe it's been 6 months since anything happened here. Don't let that fool you though, there's plenty happening in our home and our lives.

I finally said a sad farewell to my red art deco lounge and replaced it with a teal mid-centuryish one. I love it and it's completely changed the feel of our lounge room. I've had the artwork that came from my Grandma reframed and the last piece is ready to hang.

We've been working on the garden as well - my big goal for this year is to get the yard sorted out. It won't be a fancy garden as we're clearly not gardeners. But it does need to be functional, easy to look after and help make our house not be the worst looking in the street all the time!

I've got a new design project on the go too - a caravan. We bought a 1975 Viscount which Handsome Handy Hubby is in the process of renovating. I can't wait until he's done and I can get on with the decorating! We're taking it camping at Easter so Hubby is working furiously to get all the work done. I'm not likely to even get it painted before Easter so it won't be pretty yet, but it will be functional.

The kitchen is s till 95% finished and though we've designed our deck rebuild, we haven't started it yet. Still loads to do so hopefully more updates coming soon.