Kitchen: Worse

Every renovation gets worse before it gets better right?  We're definitely at the worse stage.  There's plaster missing, half built cabinets stacked up, tools littering the floor.  But there is also lots of progress.  The wiring is where it needs to be, the frames for the cabinets have been built and most of the cabinets are together.

Come on in ... that's right, we have a door ... kind of.

The old tile backsplash wouldn't come off neatly ... so the plaster had to come out with it

The frames that the cabinets will sit on ... and a couple of cabinets in situ

Rather than use the legs that came with the Ikea cabinets we decided to build 30mm MDF bases for them to sit on.  It'll make things more stable, add some strength and help hold up the hugely heavy stone benchtop that will go on the island bench.
A close up of the chaos that will eventually become the oven and cooktop

This is where the fridge and walk in pantry will be.  That's the pantry walls there on the floor.  Oh, and we'll plaster over that sliding door of course.

Looking at the dining area ... yes, we're eating in the lounge room for the duration.

Order will emerge from the chaos ... eventually!
Most of our preparation work is done.  Handsome Handy Hubby has the plumbing to move as we are relocating both the sink and dishwasher.  The plasterer will be here to set the walls on Friday which should mean I can paint on Saturday and we can place all the cabinets on Friday.  The appliances arrive on Friday (hmmm, where on earth am I going to fit them!) and the stone bench top (a drama for another post) will be measured up once that's all done.

Deep breath ... carry on!

Kitchen: Progress?

I should have taken pictures this morning!  Why?  Because this morning we had an empty room that I had cleaned.  It looked huge!  Sure, it showed us how much plaster we were going to have to remove and replace, made us think about where the light switch was going to fit and no, we haven't yet taken out the plumbing from the old layout.

But now?  Well ... here's where it's at.

Handsome Handy Hubby arrived home with the sliding door and immediately started going about moving the arch 20cm to the right and installing it, the old kitchen was sold on eBay and picked up in the afternoon, just an hour before all the Ikea cabinets were delivered and piled up in the corner.

Next up ...
  • cleaning up the mess from pulling out the plaster
  • checking all the Ikea items to make sure they match the delivery
  • unpacking all the Ikea items to check for any damage
  • ongoing work with the door way
  • putting all those Ikea cabinets together - thank you Handsome Handy Hubby for my baby drill that also came home from the hardware store with him and to my Dad who I've got booked in to help me out with this step

In residence

Some new residents have arrived at our place.  Can you see where?

Look closely at the right end of the steps
A few days ago, Little Miss and I collected a bunch of sticks from the front yard that had blown out of the tree.  I said that it was 'so Daddy won't mow over them'.  They've sat by the front door since then ... waiting.

Our collected sticks & my building supplies
Today, with the help of a little string, scissors and some stones from the garden, it seems that fairies have started to move into our garden.  At least that's what I'm hoping Little Miss will decide when she discovers it.
As soon as I can get hold of a battery operated tea light, I'm going to bury it into the ground cover that's growing up between the steps and the wall in the hope that Little Miss will think that this is the door to the fairy house under the stairs and the light peeking out is the fairies inside.
Why this sudden interest in creating a fairy garden?  There has been a fairy garden my Mum's back yard for years.  My nephew and niece have loved playing with it and now our Little Miss loves it too.  She moves the fairies and the fairy stones around regularly.  Thanks to the magic of Pinterest I recently discovered a book called Gardening in Miniature by Janit Calvo.  I also discovered two beautiful Bonsai - a Wisteria and Japanese Maple.  A Christmas Amazon voucher a few days later and I've devoured the book ... and been more inspired.
I've always planned to create a fairy garden under the 'Taj Mahal', the cubby house that was Little Miss' last birthday present.  And I've loved the idea of creating a garden under the deck when we rebuild that.  In the meantime, there are a few nooks and crannies around the garden that I can build some fairy houses into for Little Miss to discover.  I've also got some Christmas money burning a hold in my pocket that could become my first container miniature garden.
Could this be my new addiction?

The kitchen renewal begins

We're doing it ... renovating the kitchen that is.  After a year and a half of living in this house and doing not much since we moved in, lots of discussion and floor planning, we've hit the go button and are renovating the kitchen.  Completely!

What we started with

What we currently have

Where we're heading ... I can't even give you a great mood board for this as it's in my head.  But, the elements are white cabinets, stone bench tops, a walk in pantry, glass splashback with picture shelves for art and cookbooks and our existing beautiful bamboo floorboards.  And hints of aqua and turquoise to bring in that beachy vibe that I'm aiming for in the whole house.  In my head it looks beautiful ... let's hope it turns out even better!  Phase 2 will include turning our super wide window into a pass through out onto the deck. But that's going to wait until we rebuild the deck.

What we'll be doing (other than retiring sentences that start with the letter W)
  • Pull up the bamboo flooring which Handsome Handy Hubby laid himself
  • Pull out the existing kitchen ... everything is going
  • Move the arch which leads to the lounge about 20cm to the right and square it at the top
  • All new appliances - pyrolytic oven, induction cooktop, glass range hood, dishwasher, double door fridge & freezer, undermount sink
  • Ikea cabinets all round with lots of drawers
  • Building a step in pantry
  • Re laying the floors
The layout and spacing will be similar.  Floor plan to come ...

It's going to be interesting as we're doing all the work ourselves and so it's going to have to fit in around work and family commitments.

Will there be disagreements?  Yes.  I'm a planner, a scheduler, a list maker.  Handsome Handy Hubby is a wing it kinda guy.  So, my calendar of when things are going to happen freaks him out, and I've just got to take it one step at a time and not expect it all to go to plan.

How will we keep ourselves fed while we have to kitchen?  The fridge will relocate to the laundry, the washing up will get done in the laundry tub, and we'll be eating a lot of BBQ and salad ... thank goodness we are doing this in summer!

Both of us are thankful that we've waited a year and a half to do this. Why?  Because we've gone through a number of ideas for the layout and finishes over this time and finally come up with what we believe will work for function, look fantastic, cause as little disruption as possible when doing it ourselves, and keep the costs down as much as possible when doing a full kitchen renovation.

Let the chaos begin!