Kitchen: Progress?

I should have taken pictures this morning!  Why?  Because this morning we had an empty room that I had cleaned.  It looked huge!  Sure, it showed us how much plaster we were going to have to remove and replace, made us think about where the light switch was going to fit and no, we haven't yet taken out the plumbing from the old layout.

But now?  Well ... here's where it's at.

Handsome Handy Hubby arrived home with the sliding door and immediately started going about moving the arch 20cm to the right and installing it, the old kitchen was sold on eBay and picked up in the afternoon, just an hour before all the Ikea cabinets were delivered and piled up in the corner.

Next up ...
  • cleaning up the mess from pulling out the plaster
  • checking all the Ikea items to make sure they match the delivery
  • unpacking all the Ikea items to check for any damage
  • ongoing work with the door way
  • putting all those Ikea cabinets together - thank you Handsome Handy Hubby for my baby drill that also came home from the hardware store with him and to my Dad who I've got booked in to help me out with this step

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