In residence

Some new residents have arrived at our place.  Can you see where?

Look closely at the right end of the steps
A few days ago, Little Miss and I collected a bunch of sticks from the front yard that had blown out of the tree.  I said that it was 'so Daddy won't mow over them'.  They've sat by the front door since then ... waiting.

Our collected sticks & my building supplies
Today, with the help of a little string, scissors and some stones from the garden, it seems that fairies have started to move into our garden.  At least that's what I'm hoping Little Miss will decide when she discovers it.
As soon as I can get hold of a battery operated tea light, I'm going to bury it into the ground cover that's growing up between the steps and the wall in the hope that Little Miss will think that this is the door to the fairy house under the stairs and the light peeking out is the fairies inside.
Why this sudden interest in creating a fairy garden?  There has been a fairy garden my Mum's back yard for years.  My nephew and niece have loved playing with it and now our Little Miss loves it too.  She moves the fairies and the fairy stones around regularly.  Thanks to the magic of Pinterest I recently discovered a book called Gardening in Miniature by Janit Calvo.  I also discovered two beautiful Bonsai - a Wisteria and Japanese Maple.  A Christmas Amazon voucher a few days later and I've devoured the book ... and been more inspired.
I've always planned to create a fairy garden under the 'Taj Mahal', the cubby house that was Little Miss' last birthday present.  And I've loved the idea of creating a garden under the deck when we rebuild that.  In the meantime, there are a few nooks and crannies around the garden that I can build some fairy houses into for Little Miss to discover.  I've also got some Christmas money burning a hold in my pocket that could become my first container miniature garden.
Could this be my new addiction?

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