Kitchen: So close!

Progress hasn't sped up at all on the kitchen, but we have been making some.  Our unofficial deadline is to have it functional by the end of this week.  Deep breaths!

Handsome Handy Hubby has put in another huge week both at work and at home to get us closer to the end.  He's exhausted which doesn't make it easy to do stuff.  I have so much admiration for this man who just digs in and gets on with the job.  Last week, his day job was a bit of a nightmare and he worked late every day.  Bad enough that he starts at 5am but pulling 12 hour shifts day after day isn't fun.  Then they called him in to work on Saturday ... he could have said no, but the money will come in handy so in he went.  Sunday I thought he'd want to have a bit of a break, and we did have pancakes with friends for breakfast.  But then, as soon as we got home he was into it.  Just one more reason to love that man.

Here's what things looked like at about 5:30pm yesterday.

The pantry doors are on - and the inside is about 80% complete.  The fridge is in and working.

We had to take the sliding door on the right edge of this photo off to get the fridge in.

We didn't put the screen back on the sliding door and look at the sun coming in under the deck roof and hitting the hallway wall about 5 meters away.  This is definitely a problem at dinner time but the light flooding in is wonderful.

The range hood still has to go over the cook top, and the dishwasher in it's hole.  The oven and microwave have been getting a work out though.

All the drawers are finally in.  The plumbing is also connected for the sink. Love that we've used the floorboards for the kick plates as well.
Our beautiful bamboo floors have been re-laid and look just as stunning as the first time they went down 18 months ago. 
This photo certainly doesn't do the floors any justice but I just had to capture that sunshine hitting the hallway wall.  You can imagine at dinner time sitting here sweating it out and squinting against the sun.  Any solution we've tried to deal with it also cuts down the amount of light that comes in quite severely.  Don't know what we're going to do about it but we'll figure it out eventually.

I also made my 3rd trip for this kitchen to Ikea.  I returned all the bits and pieces that we didn't use, bought a few more things that we needed, and a few that will help finish things off.  I came out about $1,000 better off than when I walked in so that was a bonus.  My Dad came with me as I had a couple of heavy items to return and he and Mum decided to get an Expedit.  I think it was a bit of a shock to him how big it was and just how long it took us to get around.  We were bout 3 hours all up which I thought was pretty good considering we did returns and collected more kitchen items as well.  He did say the lunch (he's a fish eating vegetarian) was certainly better than he would have had at McDonalds on the way home.

We've managed to cross quite a few things off the To Do list:
  • Finish painting the pantry
  • Reinstall all the pantry shelving
  • Reinstall the pantry doors
  • Put the screws in the back of all those drawers and level everything up
  • Connect the plumbing
  • Put crown moulding up so that the pantry/fridge cabinet goes to the ceiling as well as the oven and small appliances cabinet.
  • Relay the bamboo floor boards
  • Bring in the fridge and dishwasher
  • Find all the kitchen stuff stashed in various places around the house and in the garage and get it all where it belongs
  • Find all the laundry stuff stashed in various places around the house and put it back in the laundry/temporary kitchen
  • Add some styling and fancy accents
  • Clean the rest of the house which has been descending into chaos while our time and energy are focused on the kitchen.
We're certainly not going to get everything done by the end of this week, but we should be able to get to the point where it's a functional kitchen.  We'll then have to work around that to finish it off.  CAN. NOT. WAIT!

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