Reality Check: 3rd Birthday Party

Our Little Lady turned 3 recently.  Apparently this now makes her a big girl who can do everything by herself and knows everything.

In my dreams I would use my 10 years as a professional event planner and lifetime of bossy organising to create a birthday party for my Little Lady that was all colour co-ordinated with an Amy Atlas style buffet, party games, home made gifts for her little friend and their parents.  In reality, she's three, she doesn't much care about all that as long as she has friends to play with, presents to open, a Peppa Pig cake and candles to blow out.  So I'll keep the more elaborate parties for when she's a little older and can be involved in the preparation ... and keep my sanity in tact.

I did attempt my first shaped birthday cake and I'm pretty happy with the results.  At Delaney's Cakes in Wollongong I discovered their white chocolate mud cake mix and the white fudge icing.  I thought it was cheating, but honestly it made the results so much better than I would have achieved starting from scratch. I got three cakes out of the mix which made it pretty economical and everyone love the cake.  The textures made it great for cutting into shape, the icing was easy to colour pink for the Peppa Pig cake and a little Dutch Cocoa made great chocolate icing for the grown ups cake. The other big thank you goes to my Gram who helped me figure it all out.

As for photos ... too busy to take many.

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