I have hydrangeas!

Yes, that statement is worth the exclamation mark.  A year ago when we moved into this house I declared that I wanted blue hydrangeas in the garden across the front that would hedge up and bloom right outside my bedroom window.  My family event started a hydrangea fund as our housewarming gift.

This time last year I couldn't find blue hydrangeas anywhere ... but now, well here they are.

Handsome Handy Hubby has constructed a pallet veggie garden for himself and after he was at the nursery stocking it up through the week he reported "I think they have those blue purple flower things that you want". Lucky I speak Hubby.

So after swimming lessons this morning a very tired little miss cute and I headed to the nursery and a wonderful display of pink, blue and lavender hydrangea's greeted us.  These are the ones we brought home.

After a little digging, worm watching and watering, we went from a garden with one pink test hydrangea in a pot - from my Gram's neighbour.  I left it here in the garden to see how it would do for about a year. To a garden with the beginnings of a hydrangea hedge.

It's not the most dramatic change you've ever seen, but it makes my heart sing.  Sure, it'll look a bazillion times better when we pull out the banksia and add in the last hydrangea, take their tags off, build a structure to hide the bins, put in a gate on the side of the house for the climbing rose around the corner there to make a home and of course mow the lawns.  But it's a start.

Job 1 of about 150 garden jobs done!

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