Lighting Up the Kitchen

I love great lights.  We don't have many of them, but I love them.  It's one of those décor items that I get stuck on, I don't want to commit to an expensive purchase in case I get it wrong, or don't like it once it's in.  Does that happen to you too?

I was like that with the lights for over our kitchen bench.  I wanted something that would make a statement but not be annoying.  I definitely didn't want just down lights (or can lights as they are sometimes called).  I'll tell you the story, but I just want you to know it has a happy ending.

I loved the aqua Colored Seedglass Pendant from Shades of Light, but I just couldn't find anything here in Australia that I liked at the right price.  And since I've had trouble with light shades bought from the USA before, this was one thing I really wanted to buy locally.

So, way back at the beginning of the year when we started our kitchen renovation, we agreed that we would hang 3 of the Ikea Foto pendants over our kitchen bench.  I bought them when we ordered the kitchen but I've been secretly looking for something that I love ever since.  I wanted something to fit with our coastal style, that didn't distract too much in an already busy kitchen and dining area leading out onto a deck, and that would be too low for my tall Hubby to live with as he does a lot of the cooking in our house (love that man!).

Skip forward six months and my wonderful Hubby was finally ready to do the wiring and get the Foto pendants installed.  Yeah, it's taken us that long to get this kitchen reno done, but we have done  it ourselves and sometimes that's just how long it takes. 

Anyway, Hubby was just about to pull the trigger on finally getting the lighting done when, at the 11th hour, I had another idea.  As soon as it crossed my mind I could just about hear him groaning with dread.

You see, I was browsing through one of those eclectic junk stores that sells everything from Aussie souvenirs to kitchen wares when I came across these beautiful huge clear glass jars.  They were super cheap and I loved them, but figured I didn't have a use for them so I left them behind.

The very next day, I kid you not, I was browsing Pinterst and came across this DIY for a glass pendant light made from a jar at Vintage Revivals.  I just knew would work with these fabulous jars to produce exquisite lights at fraction of the cost of something from a big lighting store.  So, I screwed up my courage and told my Hubby about it, showing him the picture of course.  Yes, he groaned a little, maybe even rolled his eyes, and I know he thought I was crazy.  But you know what, he went along with it.

And it all worked out happily for my wonderful new kitchen ...

I adore these lights!  They are unique, the clear bulbs are awesome, the light they shed is warm, inviting and beautiful to work by.  If only my photography skills were up to the task of capturing them really well.

They're a little wonky due to the jars not being 100% symmetrical in their making, but I can live with it.  Just adds to the not mass produced feel that I'm loving about them.

As for how we made them ... Hubby did it so quick that I didn't even get a chance to take photos!

So, instead of giving you a written blow by blow, do what I did and check out the video instructions by Vintage Revivals.
The scariest part of all this was drilling the holes.  I had this great idea to place the jars inside a big plastic tub and that way if it shattered the glass wouldn't go everywhere.  That turned out not so stable.  So, what did my oh so brave Hubby do.  Sat cross legged on the deck with the jar between his legs.  I was so nervous!  I mean what if a jar shattered and cut an artery or heaven forbid his man bits!  Of course, none of this happened and in about 10 minutes flat it was all over and done with.
What did it cost us?  Well, here's the budget breakdown.
Jars - $25 each - yep you read that right!
Pendant fittings - $15.90 each
Light globes - $7.50 each - we used this one from Bunnings
Total for each light = $48.40
All in all, that's three beautiful big pendant lights for less than $150.  Beautiful bargain!
Have you DIY'ed any lights?  What kind of results did you have?
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  1. They look amazing Fiona! You could totally market them and they'd sell like hotcakes.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I couldn't be happier with them. Hmmmm ... after my paper lamp shade and now these, maybe I should go into lighting design!

    2. Maybe! You may have uncovered a hidden talent.
      I've shared your blog post on my fb page. Too cool.

    3. Thanks Lisa. I'm grateful and humbled.

  2. Man bits. You're hilarious Fi. Dx

    1. What can I say ... I like my husband with all his bits in tact.

  3. Wow, this is spectacular! I'd love to do this on a smaller scale as an experiment --replace my upstairs hallway light fixture with this. Can't wait to check out your video.

    1. Thank you. Give it a try Susan. It wasn't as difficult as I expected to drill through the glass. You just have to be careful and take your time.

  4. I love these, Fiona!! Just gorgeous! Just a note to say that I emailed you a few days back about a blog tour opportunity. If you could let me know what you think, that'd be great! I need to know whether to link forward to you in my post tomorrow. :)