A little garden miracle

Not long after we moved in I threw three plants in basic plastic pots onto the area near our front door.  I pretty much ignored them, threw a little water on them once in a while and didn't give them too much thought.

Then, the other day, I noticed this ...

For anyone who knows how hopelessly bad I am at gardening, this is definitely a little miracle.  These little flowers are tiny, delicate and totally beautiful.  Of course, I needed to do them justice with a nice pot.

I know, repotting them while in flower isn't idea.  But, this little miracle was so pot bound that the roots had worked their way out the holes in the bottom of the pot.  I figured they had bloomed on neglect so what the heck, I was game enough to give it a go.

I looked around to see if I had anything I could use as a pot and came up with nothing.  And then I remembered that when we had bought our Ikea kitchen, we purchased some Foto lights.

We bought three of the middle size ones and one of the small ones.  The plan was to use the three over the bench and the smaller one in the drop zone.  We didn't end up using the shades, but we did use the parts.  So, that left us with some great shaped shades to find a use for.

So, I got out my trusty can of spray paint and did this ...

Then, I flipped it over and popped my little miracle right in there with some potting mix.  I really don't know how this plant has survived. When I pulled it out of the pot there was more roots than I thought possible surrounding a few pieces of bark and mulch with a little ball of dirt in the centre.  With a little encouragement, I ended up with this ...

It's a little top heavy, but I love it.  That colour will pop so great once we get rid of our mission brown deck and build the new one ... that's our next big project now that the kitchen is almost complete.

And I got a great photo bomb from my little Miss too...

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