Dinning room art from an unlikely source

We have two lovely big walls in our dinning room that I've been meaning to create a gallery wall on for, well, the two years that we've live in this house. Yep, that's some of said art tucked in the corner on the floor.

We will eventually put a huge door in the back wall that leads out onto the deck ... if we ever get around to building it that it is. The good part about this plan is that Handsome Handy Hubby doesn't care how many nail/hook holes I put in the back wall.

I've got quite a stockpile of framed photos which I had planned to used to create a gallery wall. My grandmother also recently gifted me with 6 beautiful paintings of various local beaches which I thought would make a lovely arrangement all hung together. But the majority of them were in big heavy frames which is why they are tucked in the corner of the room waiting to be reframed. Or like the one peeking out of the left on top of the sideboard that has had it's frame removed.

And then one day, I found this ...

This canvas print is GINORMOUS! The same width as the dining table.  I ummed and I ahhed and I went back to the store where it was languishing about three times to look at it. Then I took Handsome Handy Hubby to check it out and see if he liked it ... and I needed his car as it was too big to fit in mine.
He liked it ... we brought it home ... he hung it for me.  I LOVE it!

You know what I love even more?  It cost $50!  Yep, you read that right.  Just fifty bucks. Can you believe I questioned whether I should get this for almost a week before 'splurging'?  Can you guess where it came from? Shall I tell you?  OK ... you know I couldn't possibly keep something like that to myself! The Reject Shop! They had this and two other styles when I got this a couple of weeks ago and I noticed they now have another batch of completely different styles.  It's a very light canvas and not on a supper thick frame. However, the quality of the print is excellent and I can't imagine how much it would cost to have a canvas this size printed from one of your own photos.

So, I'm very happy with my new dining room art. Gram's painting are also at the framers now so I'll have to decide where they are going in a couple of weeks.

Have you got any sources for great art bargains?

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