Half Way There

We reached a great milestone today … the first settlement happened!  It’s a huge relief as it was supposed to happen on Tuesday and was cancelled at 3:45pm.

I can’t tell you how much my heart stank and my stress levels rose on Tuesday when I found out that the scheduled settlement hadn’t happened.  This was the refinancing of the house we own and rent out in Melbourne.  We’ve also chosen to use some equity from that property to purchase our home here in Kiama so it absolutely had to happen prior to the second settlement which is scheduled for tomorrow.

To know that it happened to day is a massive relief!

I also did a little window shopping today, specifically for lights.  The lighting in the house is all somewhere between ordinary and bad and will pretty much all be replaced.  I know exactly what I want to do over the dinning table – have known for years.  I’ll use school house lights in a lot of other rooms, but I would love a feature in the living room.  The living room is also so huge that it’s probably going to need more than just a central fixture to light it.  And, I’m planning on having my desk in a nook in the corner so that will need some specific lighting.  The kitchen also only has a central overhead light so could use some additional task lighting.

Here’s my ideas so far …

Ever since I saw this collection of vintage lights hung in a grouping at the Order of Melbourne years ago I’ve known that I wanted to do this over my art deco dining table.  I have started collecting the shades and can’t wait to do it!
Vintage light chandelier

I love vintage school house lights.  I’ve used them in the house in Melbourne and now I’m going to use the modern version throughout this house.  They are the same shape as the vintage ones and I love them as much now as I did when I bought my first vintage one about 10 years ago.  The Schoolhouse Electric Co has a stunning selection … but I may be going for a cheaper version for now.
School House Light
I’m struggling a little to decide on what to use for the living room so it might be a simple white drum shade for now, but I would love a capiz shell chandelier if Handsome Handy Hubby won’t hit his head on it every time he walks past.

I’m also looking at curtains and have just discovered that the ones I’ve had my eye on for the living room for months are no longer available … sigh.

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