It’s all ours!  Well, it’s mostly the banks but they are graciously letting us living in it while charging us daily interest.  Settlement went off without a hitch thank goodness.  I breathed a mighty sigh of relief when I got those phone calls.

So we officially now have two properties in our portfolio.  One in Melbourne and one in Kiama.  When we first looked at the Kiama house it was remarkable how similar they floor plans are.

Here’s Melbourne and Kiama side by side

House Floor Plan 1Original Floor Plan



Do you see it?  I didn’t actually notice it at first but as soon as Handsome Handy Hubby saw the house he pointed it out.  The office and bedroom 4 in the Melbourne house even used to be a deck … just like it is in the Kiama house.  We even think we might have enough room in the bathroom at Kiama to create an ensuite, walk in wardrobe and family bathroom making the master bedroom even more like the Melbourne house.

So now that we have the keys it’s time for the fun to being … pulling stuff apart and putting it back together again.

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