It get’s worse …

What a difference a day, well two days, makes!  Kiama nearly got blown off the face of the earth on Saturday and we sure managed to get a lot of the pulling apart done at the house.  You know that old saying that things will get worse before they get better?  Well that’s definitely what the weekend was about.  Here’s what we achieved.

  • Pulled up the carpet
  • Pulled up the vinyl
  • Jackhammered out the slate tile in the entrance
  • Pulled off the skirting boars
  • Pulled of 95% of the architraves around doors and windows
  • Removed all window dressings
  • Tore out the linen cupboard
  • Tore out the laundry wall
  • Tore out the master bedroom wardrobe
  • Removed the doors from the wardrobes in the other two bedrooms
  • Filled one might big skip bin

Then it was on to the putting it back together part … kind of.

Where we pulled the linen cupboard out of the end of the hallway and tore down the laundry door we put in a new sliding glass door.  This lets a great amount of light into the end of the hallway and makes the laundry even bigger.  We loved the look so much that we decided to replace the sliding door between the dining room and the hallway with a glass one as well.

Thanks to my Brilliant Brother who is a carpenter and spent all weekend at our house working the view at the end of the hallway is looking entirely different.

Now we’re ready to really start putting things back together in this makeover.

The entrance before … and the entrance after Handsome Handy Hubby pulled up all that slate with a jackhammer drill.
Entrance beforeEntrance during 1

The living room with about half the carpet pulled up and showcasing that lovely feature wall.
Living Room Before 1

The living room facing the other way
Living Room During 1

And the lovely light fitting with the ceiling staining showing above.  There’s actually a foot print or two up there... how does that happen!
Living Room Ceiling & Light before

The view down the hallway.  Before – a deep linen cupboard.  During – no more linen cupboard.  After – a frosted glass sliding door across the end of the hall which makes the laundry bigger and lets light into that end of the hall.  This is the biggest structural change we made and it’s all thanks to my Brilliant Brother who have up his weekend and evening time to get it done for us.  And the view from the laundry.
Linen Cupboard Before 2 Linen Cupboard During 1Laundry During 1Linen Cupboard During 2

The master bedroom was the other structural piece of work.  We removed the built in wardrobe as it was build deeper than usual and mean we would struggle to fit our king size bed in.  We also have plans to create a walk in wardrobe and ensuite which means we won’t need a built in wardrobe in the master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Before 1Master Bedroom During 1

The kitchen and dining room lost it’s vinyl flooring ready for the new bamboo floors to go down.
Kitchen Dining Before 1Dining During 1Kitchen During 1

Finally, the two smaller bedrooms.  One will be Little Miss Cutie’s and the other will be Handsome Handy Hubby’s man cave.
Bedroom 2 Before 1Bedroom 3 Before 1

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